Tenisha Rasul, Pak Fair Logistics

LiftFund transforms lives by opening doors, leveling the financial playing field and building the community of shared success.

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Loaned Amount


Small Business Loans

Small Business Loans

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Jobs Created

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Jobs Retained

Tracie Shelton, Alamo Kitchens

Client Stories



“Knowing that you have a company like LiftFund that’s willing to take a risk on small businesses makes a huge difference.”

Jacob Ramirez, CrossFit Stamina



“When you are a business owner, sometimes it’s hard for you to actually get business credit. LiftFund allowed me to build my business credit.”

Tenisha Rasul, Pak Fair Logistics



“LiftFund allowed us to buy a building that is home to our business and our employees.”

Davide Pesca, BTX



“The support that LiftFund offers is fantastic. With the funds it was easy for me to hire the right people with the right knowledge and be able to pay them the right amount.”

Emilio Salazar, Colinas Foods



“I can deliver something more. I can work harder than anyone else and guide the business in growing it to be what I want.”

Joe Petty, Coffee Break



“When you love what you do and it’s your passion, is not considered a job.”

Linh odom, Kosmo Nail & Hair Salon



“LiftFund really came through for me then because that [funding] allowed me to get that working capital, get the games I needed and, we just took it from that point on.”

Charles Story Jr., Game oN


“After 30 years in banking of not being able to help small business owners/entrepreneurs, it was clear to me that I wanted to be somewhere that I could champion those requests and make a difference. At LiftFund, I was given the opportunity to create a loan product up to $250,000 using a new SBA 7a guaranty program, which for 2018 represented about a third of our lending volume. What an exciting ride it has been!”

Adrian Gonzalez, EVP of Large Loans

“During my 19-year tenure at LiftFund, I have been encouraged to think outside the box and innovate. It is very rewarding to know that we have demystified credit worthiness. We are helping entrepreneurs that otherwise would have been left behind. We don’t just make loans, we finance people’s dreams.”

Nelly Rojas-Moreno, Chief Credit Officer

“I get to build community for entrepreneurs that feel alone in their work, that are tirelessly working to create a better life and need the resources and education to succeed. The work that we do at LiftFund is more than a loan, it's opportunity building at the highest and lowest levels - it’s for people who take the risks and strive to do better for themselves, their family, their community and employees.”

Ryan Salts, Director of Launch SA

“Our value, ‘Strive to Be Better’ resonates throughout the growth of LiftFund as a program and as an employer that supports the personal and professional development of its employees. At LiftFund, there is continual exchange of ideas to progress and improve daily operations to continue our mission.”

Janie Hernandez, VP of Human Resources

“I believe in our mission and the work we do here at LiftFund. I may not work with our clients directly, but I still make an impact by helping our team with tools to better serve our clients.”

Uwe Rademacher, IT Programmer

“Integrity, Commitment and Loyalty to the mission of helping entrepreneurs dreams become a reality are the values that best align with my work at LiftFund. I am inspired by my clients and knowing I have some part in their success.”

Stephaney Bolden, Sr. Business Development Officer

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LiftFund is recognized by AERIS and Charity Navigator. We are committed to high standards recognized in our industry and in the non-profit sector.

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